soon there may be even less in the way of critical journalism

A guy at the FCC talks about how shitty their recent move was to allow greater media consolidation, and how little the American people have to gain from it Fortunately, it seems, John McCain and other Senators are working to try to fight this recent FCC ruling which would allow just a few corporations to own almost all our nations publishers and broadcasters. It seems as though letters, petitions and blogs are, to a great extent, responsible for this Senate response, although it might be too little, too late. Heres a clip from the New York Times article:

The efforts to overturn the decision face an uphill battle, particularly in the House of Representatives, where there is more support for the commission than there appears to be in the Senate. But the political furor, as evidenced by hundreds of thousands of negative comments sent from across the country, on top of criticism from a spectrum of organizations ranging from the National Organization for Women to the National Rifle Association, have given critics momentum on Capitol Hill, which could ultimately lead to a reversal of some elements of the new rules

Senator Snowe, of Maine, said she shared “profound disappointment in the way the F.C.C. has reached its decision and in the way that it paves the way for consolidation of power in the hands of a few.”

Its good to know that public outrage occasionally builds to the point where action is taken, even if it doesnt necessarily change anything.

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