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I doubt that hes electable, but Democratic presidential candidate, Dennis the only vegan in Congress Kucinich, is asking good questions of the administration. According to this article, hes presently calling on the Defense Department to release the unedited footage of the rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch from an Iraqi hospital and to answer questions about her injuries. (If you havent been following the non-network news, theres speculation in some quarters that her heroic escape from an Iraqi hospital was essentially staged for the benefit public relations.)

While Kucinich may not stand a chance of being nominated, I think its great that someone among the Democrats is willing to stand up and ask these kinds of unpopular questions. (I dont want to be overly negative about his chances to win the nominations, but Ive supported Jerry Brown and Ralph Nader in the past, so Im tired of losing.)

For more information about the Kucinich for President campaign, follow this link.

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