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Linette’s at a baby shower for a friend of ours. I just got done mowing the lawn. I’m about to take a shower. Then, I think, I’m going to walk to the bar and buy a hamburger. Maybe then I’ll buy some ice cream and walk through the park with the dog. It’s really nice outside… Here, until I get back, are four things to keep you busy.

One: Rekindeling Old Friendships: It looks as though the US may be approaching the Taliban as a possible partner in Afghanistan?

Two: Priceless PR: Images of Bushie flying headlong over the handlebars of a Segway personal transportation device.

Three: Why’s My Tongue Hard: Wrigley patents Viagra gum.

Four: Manipulation of the Nation: The debate rages on as to what the White House knew about Iraq’s pursuit of uranium before the President’s state of the union address, in which he mentioned documentation that had already been determined by the CIA to have been forged.

I’ve written enough about the war and weapons of mass destruction in the past, so I won’t bore you. Here are a few bullet points though:

– Our going to war with Iraq had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or any immediate threat to our nation

– Everyone with half a brain knew that from the outset

– A high-level marketing decision was made in the Bush administration, however, to 1) focus on weapons of mass destruction, and 2) to tie Saddam to the attacks of 9/11 through inference

– The war was about creating a democratic, pro-American foothold in a Muslim nation (in my opinion not necessarily a bad thing)

– Everyone with half a brain knew this

– They also thought, even though this was never about weapons of mass destruction, that we’d find them while we were there though

– Everyone assumed that Bush’s gamble would pay off

– So far, it hasn’t

– He made this about weapons of mass destruction in order to sell it to the masses, and now he’s paying the price for that decision

– For the first time since 9/11 those who have been privately speaking out against Bush think that they might see a sign of weakness

– That brings us to today

Now it’s time for my hamburger. See you later.

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