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Kez writes in with the other side of the story regarding a recent Paul Krugman article that I linked to which was critical of the administration… I occasionally look at the Freedom of Information Center at the University of Missouri and I thought that time has probably come for me to share the link. I think you are finally old enough to handle this responsibly… While I’m at it, here’s the link to the Yale Center for Globalization Studies. Just be sure to bring it back home in one piece… And I just read something on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but can’t find it, so there won’t be a link. Just trust me when I tell you that Iran has nuclear ambitions…

Im not reading this. This is bullshit. According to US News and World Report, thats what Collin Powell said when told by others in the administration what evidence of Saddams WMD program he should present in front of the UN security council. This is the story of that speech delivered by Powell and how it was written over the course of several days between different branches of government. According to the article, among other things, NSC officials kept pushing for Powell to include the charge that 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta had met with an Iraqi intelligence official in Prague. He refused. Apparently, the merit of that particular argument had even less weight than the plagiarized text from the Harvard students paper that ended up being used as definitive evidence.

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