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So far, weve only sent out one copy of our new record, Almost Clear. We sent it to WFMU radio. WFMU is the grandfather of all American independent radio stations, and theyve always been supportive of our work. So, we sent them a copy of the new record before we sent it to anyone else Apparently, theyve added it to their play-list already.

Dan from Brooklyn just wrote in with a link to an archived recording of one WFMU DJs show where you can listen to some of it being played. If you listen to the show, as I just did, youll hear us at the 39-minute mark, right after a really good Spaceman 3 song. (her needle must have dropped in the wrong place: The end of our song Almost Clear gets played, then the entire song, Systematic Problem.) If you keep listening, youll hear the DJ talk about us at the 56-minute mark. Among other things, she questions our sincerity when we say we only play one day a year. (Apparently, she thinks we must work month and months on each song, like were Queen or something.) She also wonders which of us in the band will die first. (Thats always nice to think about.) But, she does say the new record is, really good. Thats nice.

Speaking of the record, I need to mail a bunch more out. If you want to suggest good college, or otherwise alternative independent radio stations, please let me know. Wed love to add them to our distribution list.

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