kez feels sorry for stabbing mark in the back

This exchange is taking place now, in real time, as I blog:

KEZ: Mark, I’ve been listening to The Cure & The Smiths all day today. I have feelings of sadness, shame and guilt for selling your personal goods on ebay. I am prepared to “end the auction” and offer the current high bidder a bag of plastic trinkets and used ballpoint pens. The anxious feelings of committing “Crimewave Castration” are overwhelming as I begin to obsess over the fact that you may have kept all of my written letters & zines in a small box tied with string too.

MARK: Cool down… And keep the damned auction going. I like the fact that you’re giving someone else a chance to get all this stuff. It’s a great project. Thank you for keeping all my shit over all these years and for now holding the auction instead of just heading to the recycling center… Please don’t take my repeated use of the word “backstabbing” to mean anything. It doesn’t. I approve As for your letters and such, I did keep them Maybe Ill put them up for sale.

KEZ: Thanks. I’m glad you approve. My neurotic brother keeps mentioning words like “illegal” and “raped in prison”. He says something like this happened before on ebay and the original author sued the seller for hundreds of thousands of dollars, saying his letters were “copywrited information”. The seller eventually threatened to kill the original author and got caught and was sent to prison and was raped. The seller then sued the author saying the “written properties” were gifts. I don’t know if it’s true, but it sure would make for a good TV movie.

MARK: Kez, Im not sure about this, but it sounds to me as though youre asking me to sue you so that you can go to prison and have sex with men. Is that right?

KEZ: No.

MARK: Is that “no” as in, “no, don’t stop”?

it goes on from there.

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