how my friend doug sees me

I’ve mentioned Doug Skinner here on this site quite a few times in the past. Doug is an internationally recognized lecturer on the subject of the strange phenomena and creatures. Hes also a ventriloquist, a musician, and a writer. Many people would tell you that Doug is a good, kind and brilliant man. Im usually one of those people. However, on occasion, I refer to him as my archenemy. I say that because he likes to embarrass and make fun of me. He wields his knowledge of the strange and obscure like a terrorist does a box-cutter. Quite simply, he relishes in making me feel dumb. I believe I have mentioned this in the past, this underlying current of anti-Mark thought that courses through his work. Some of you, Im sure, had thought that I was either paranoid or speaking in hyperbole. Well, I wasnt, and I have proof. I have proof that he secretly despises me. Please see the following cartoon Mr. Skinner drew of me approximately two years ago. Look at it closely and notice the pig-like features. Does that look like the work of a friend, a person who supports my vision?

If I have not made my case by now, let me mention one more thing Douglas Skinner knows the forbidden language of the French! Fluently!!

Of course, I do not mean a word of this. In fact, I am very much looking forward to visiting with Doug when I am in New York next week. I just wanted to share this drawing of his. Although it makes me feel ill to look at it, there is quite a resemblance. I cannot deny it, as much as I would like to.

Oh, on the subject of Doug, he sent in a link for all of us today. It would seem as though someone has called for a Richard Gere deathwatch. Apparently this person feels as though Gere stirred up a bees nest of bad karma when he portrayed Dougs friend, John Keel, in the film The Mothman Prophecies. According to this theory, the curse of the mothman has been cast on the unwitting actor. (Im not sure how this person explains the fact that Keel himself is still alive and well.)

On the subject of strange things, I found two other articles today that may be of interest. The first is something on ghosts. The second is a Popular Mechanics article on the much speculated about UFO crash at Roswell.

And, for the record, I do not have mole-covered shoulders, and I have never eaten a newspaper.

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