Im watching a good series of attacks right now between Al Franken, author of the upcoming book, “Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them, a Fair and Even View of the Right, and conservative Fox News commentator Bill OReilly. I guess they appeared a few days ago in a series of segments on the CSPAN-2 program Booknotes. (Right now, Im listening to Franken and author Molly Ivans talk about Clear Channel and their connection to Bush. Scary stuff.)

The Atlantic has a pretty good article on the privatization of space.

Stupid fucking frat boys catch, cook and eat UC Santa Cruzs giant 15 year old carp, Goldie. MTV may have been taping the stunt. The frat boys apparently beat the fish to death with a rake before barbecuing it. Their frat is apparently being featured on a new reality show called Frat Life, or something like that.

Meanwhile, across town, that paranoid old man, Ashcroft, asks Congress to expanded the scope of the Patriot Act, so that even more wicked non-Christian evildoers can be brought to justice.

Down the block, the secret service was selling creepy bootlegged videos from the trunk of a long, black Cadillac.

Everyone else was at the theater though, seeing the new documentary on the Weather Underground

Except for Prince Charles, who was calling for an investigation into the down-side of nanotech.

And that backstabbing Kez Panel wants us all to know that someone found a jar full of ghosts.

I like this article because it uses the phrase gadget hungry pimps.

Our government is funding the development of a new, frightening generation of networked spy cameras.

Heres a great Roger Ebert article on the Vincent Gallo fiasco.

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