art in the park

I was walking Freeda though the park in Ypsi the other day when I noticed that a bunch of people were congregating down by the river. As the park is usually pretty desolate, I wondered what was going on. As I got closer, I began to notice that the people I saw in the distance werent moving. They were just standing still, kind of like they were frozen Scanning around and looking for clues, I noticed that one of the frozen people was wearing what looked like a long white robe.

I thought that perhaps this was the work of Christians. My guess was that some church group had assembled to create an outdoor art installation – Christ baptizing the sinners at the river.

As the park is usually full of drunks, it wasnt that wild of guess. I thought that perhaps one of the local churches had felt this might be a creative way to deal with the issue of drug abuse, and, at the same time, make the park appear to be family-friendly. Even if there werent real, smiling children in the park, it would appear as thought there were, at least from a passing car. And that might then cause more people to come. As a marketing guy, I could see the logic in it. As I got closer, I noticed, however that the person I thought to be Jesus Christ was really a woman in a long white dress, walking a turtle on a leash. I had to scramble for a new theory.

It turns out that I didn’t have to scramble too hard. There was a sign. It was a high school art project. A number of kids had made life-size plywood cutouts of people doing things that people might do at the park. There is the hideous woman walking the turtle (see close up of her face below), there is the man in the Pink Floyd shirt meditating, there is the man with the mid-forehead hairline. Theyre all cool I thought that you would enjoy them.

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