the debris sandwich

This edition of the debris sandwich is brought to you by the good people of Applebees, home of the lizard head salad. If you ever get to Iowa, you really should check it out. It puts the Ypsilanti debris sandwich to shame.

These are the things Im thinking about tonight: The Smoking Gun website is heading to television. Mo Rocca, who you may know as one of Johns Stewarts Daily Show correspondents, is to be the host. He is a Harvard grad. (Note: For the time being, will be staying on the web. No cable-TV commentators or Harvard grads are attached to the project at this point). A man blames his egg-sized brain tumor for his sudden burst of pedophilia And, Illinois meanwhile moves to outlaw tongue-splitting, an act which I think should be encouraged among morons as it makes them both easier to spot and funnier to listen to Paul Krugman over at the New York Times has some thoughts on the essentially state-owned media that we now have in the US Oh, and Republican Chickenhawk cards are now available!

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