rude doodle

Late last night, I received the first response to my request for an image of a small dog with no lower jaw and one very enlarged nipple. It came from a man in Pittsburg. Unfortunately, I cannot show you the image here as it contains a great deal of profanity and such. It also, surprisingly, contains no image of a dog. The one discernable image is of what seems to be an angry looking, middle-aged man.

Then, this evening, I received the following note from the artist who had written the night before.

Sorry about last night’s email, and my rude doodle. I had been drinking. I just re-read your blog and realized “Paco” is a jawless dog, and not a local bartender or cab driver. I am sorry.

As for the drawing of Paco, the lower-jaw-less dog with the enlarged nipple, I am still accepting submissions and will be until the first day in June.

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