raised in the basement

I didnt go to the bar on Thursday night, like I said that I was going to. My age caught up with me Instead, Linette and I began making our way through the hard disk full of things that our Tivo had taped for us over the past few weeks. I watched an episode of Columbo while she worked in her office. She watched an episode of Friends while I worked in mine. Then, we came together to watch the remainder of the Manor House series, followed by a few episodes of the Larry Sanders Show and The Daily Show with John Stewart. That was our night. No bar. No drinking. Just TV. Not really much to blog about, but it was fun.

All that relaxation must have done me some good. The following morning, I had what I think was one of my greatest ideas I thought about going over to our next-door neighbors house and asking the woman who lives there, a friend of ours, if her daughter could baby-sit for Linette and me that evening.

You see, this woman and her daughter have lived next-door to us for two years now and have never seen a child with either one of us. Weve seen them hundreds, if not thousands of times, and weve never had a kid with us or even mentioned a kid. (We dont, in case youre new to this site, have any kids.) Theyve seen Linette and me lock up the house and leave together on vacation before, theyve seen us out working in the yard all weekend long, theyve seen us at the park with the dog never with even one kid.

I was wondering what she would say if it suddenly became apparent that we had kids hidden away somewhere in this house. I imagined our conversation.

But you dont have kids do you?

Yeah, weve got a daughter, Crystal, whos six, and a son, Carson, who will be three in November.

Well, they dont live with you, do they?

Sure. Where else would they live?

Well, Ive never seen them.

Theyre busy with their studies Theyre very focused.

But Ive never seen them, not even once.

We home school. And, I guess you could say that were perhaps a bit more strict that most parents these days. Theres not a lot of this outside time or friends. Children are easily distracted.

Unfortunately, I am easily distracted, so thats it for now.

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