on living a real life for a day

Yesterday, I lived what I think is the kind of life that most non-depressed, normal people live every day. There were elements of out-of-the-home culture and entertainment. There was even social interaction. I feel as though, in that one day, I was given a glimpse into what might be called a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. (Of course, today Im back to the fetal position on the couch, with the curtains drawn.)

We started by getting up early, taking a long, brisk walk with the dog, and then surveying our property for storm damage. (Our property, such as it is, can be surveyed completely from the bathroom window, but I like the image that the word surveyed brings to mind, one of me on horseback, or, better yet, on an electric all-terrain vehicle, traveling for hours over mountains, across prairies, and through thick forests.) Once the fences were mended and the livestock fed, we went out for a big breakfast. Then we saw the Rodin exhibition at the University of Michigan art museum. Then we saw the film Secretary. Then, later that evening, we went out and saw the Henchmen play at Rubber Soul Records, the new record store here in Ypsilanti.

It was a day crammed full of sensory pleasures (if you dont count the image of
James Spader ejaculating across Maggie Gyllenhaals back.)

Rodin is one of my favorite artists. He and Michelangelo are my two favorite sculptors. The Rodin Museum in Paris is one of my top five favorite museums. When our President tells us that we can like France again, you should go there.

Secretary was an OK movie. The woman who wrote it, Mary Gaitskill, at one time was an art student of my father-in-law, who was a college professor. Apparently, she didnt like him. He said over dinner the other night, She hated me.

The Henchmen are a good band. Theyve been a good band for well over a decade now. Theyve got a record or two out of Norton Recordings. They were great last night, and Rubber Soul, the place where we saw them, has a good space (above their record store) to see bands. (The building is circa 1860.) They dont have a license to serve alcohol though, so the audience was pretty reserved.

As for my mention earlier of James Spader ejaculating across Maggie Gyllenhaals back, that transpired not at the Rodin exhibition, or at the Henchmen show. That was in the film Secretary. I should have been more clear about that On the subject of Secretary, I think it would make a lovely gift for any boss to give to his or her office assistant. If I were you, Id buy a copy, wrap it up, forge my bosss name and then leave it on the desk of my bosss secretary. That would really liven things up around the office.

I could write a lot more, but Ive got a big day ahead of me tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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