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Both today and yesterday, during my evening walk with my dog, I have had to reach deep into her throat and fish out greasy chicken bones. I suspect, as the weather gets warmer, this will be happening more often. I dont so much mind prying her mouth open and reaching in between her Pit Bull jaws. I dont mind the slobber, or the fact that her teeth could shear my hand off at the wrist. What I mind, what I obsess about, is the fact that these bones had not too long ago been held by strangers. That freaks we out. I have to go home and wash my hands. Its worse for me than handling her poop. I just keep envisioning people sucking on the bones, pulling at the few remaining fibers of chicken flesh with their teeth.

Yesterday, she got a hold of something worse though. Id only taken my eyes off of her for a minute when I saw, out of the corner of my eye, that she was chewing on something white. I instinctively reached down and fished it out. Staring down into my hand I realized that it was medical gauze that someone had apparently been using to pack an infected wound. There was tape around the edges, and a dark brown stain about the size of a silver dollar was right in the middle, right below my thumb.

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