karma smiles on fat Ypsilanti man

Last night, I complained on this site about a friend of mine, a person by the name of Kez, who was auctioning off my private letters to him, and other things Ive mailed to him over the past decade. I was hurt that he could do such a thing.

Well, as is often the case, the pendulum of fortune swung back the other way today.

Today, when I opened the mailbox, I had three pleasant surprises.

1) A copy of the Jesco White documentary, The Dancing Outlaw, sent by none other than the very same Kez Panel who was just the day before stabbing me in the back. (Im sorry I ever doubted you, Kez. I should have guessed that you were just selling old letters in order to fund a new gift-giving binge.)

2) My very own, official West Virginia Surf Report t-shirt, featuring the famous WVSR smoking fish. (In spite of what Ive been telling people in my emails, it was neither covered in bugs or handmade from sweat-soaked scraps. It is actually a very well done garment.)

3) A money order for $100 from an unknown source. I shit you not. Linette and I received this afternoon what appears to be a legitimate money order for one hundred bucks. There is no note attached. Nothing. As the envelope is addressed to Crimewave, we suspect that its a fan of the magazine who approves of our award-winning journalism. My guess is that in light of the recent scandals plaguing the New York Times, someone has decided to reward us for our scrupulous adherence to the rules of journalistic integrity. My hope is that this is the first of many checks that will be coming in over the next few months. If you would like to send a contribution, you will find our address here.

I feel as though I am finally being rewarded for suffering through this life of pain and anguish. I feel like Jesus when he died and got to go to the party with the 77 virgins.

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