i want my lifelog

According to Wired, the Defense Department has got a little treat in store for all of us. Its a program called LifeLog, kind of a souped-up, biggie-sized version of the Total Information Awareness system. LifeLog’s much better though. Instead of just tracking financial transactions, LifeLog would record and track absolutely everything that a person does that is in any way capturable. It would record the websites you visited, the emails you sent, even your digital photographs you took of your family. Essentially, the US government would be maintaining a giant, all-inclusive scrapbook for each and every American.

Just when I was losing faith in the American system, I hear something like this and it makes me all warm and tingly. It reminds me of the founding fathers and why my people came to this country from Europe The Freedom to be numbered and tracked.

So much for innocent until proven guilty. Now well just assume that everyone is a terrorist, or at least a potential terrorist, that requires constant surveillance. Its absolutely pathetic and we should all be ashamed for sitting back and letting things get this far out of control.

My guess is that this is a red herring, something tossed out into the waters of the media to distract us. I think that the government is floating the idea of LifeLog in order to make the Total Information Awareness system seem more palatable. Its the same thing that theyre doing with the tax plan. Theyre aiming ridiculously high, hoping to hit at a point thats merely un-responsibly high.

I want to make t-shirts that say, I want my LifeLog. I think we should demand it as a right, like our MTV.

Maybe people wouldnt get the sarcasm though.

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