The only lives worth living are those lived on television. That thought occurred to me yesterday as I was jogging.

I am absolutely overwhelmed by all of the things I need to do, but cant. People have written me brilliant letters over the course of the past few days and I want to share them with you, but I can’t seem to muster up the energy. I feel as though Ive been shot in the neck with a tranquilizer dart.

A reader on the east coast spotted me, or an actor using my face, on Law and Order last night. Another reader, also on the east coast, spotted a sorority girl’s misspelled ass crack tattoo on an MTV reality series and that reminded him of something I’d written about here. Both of those things, if nothing else, should go on the site tonight.

If I were hired to do keep up this site, Id fire myself tonight.

I should also post all of the articles I’ve been reading, like this speech delivered at the Mark Twain House by Kurt Vonnegut on the current state of affairs in America. (Vonnegut, in case you didnt know, is not as big fan of our current administration as I am.)

And then there’s still that letter from the guy explaining that, contrary to what I might think, pygmies didn’t fight in the Boer War, the war my ancestor was the first to die in. Someone else wrote in to call me a damned liar for suggesting that God created the glitter pork frog. I’m tired though. My muscles are in knots. I’ve had a difficult week. I really have. I just need to sleep. Hopefully, I can get caught back up over the weekend. I feel as though I’m letting everyone down, but the knuckles on my left hand are swollen and it hurts to type. Oh, I also owe you all the second part of the story about the chemical attack. I’ve lost interest in that though.

From what I understand, it was some kind of acid. It formed a large white could over downtown Ypsilanti. No one died.

We Americans have short attention spans.

I dont plan to call anyone about the chemical spill. Its over and its forgotten. Ive clicked on to the next channel.

Isnt that fucked up? Shouldnt I care more that theres a factory in my neighborhood working with toxic chemicals and doing so in a haphazard manner? Shouldnt I make at least a small effort to ensure that it doesnt happen again? Dont we learn from our experiences anymore? I wonder.

Linette and I had dinner with friends tonight. I, as I often do, after a few beers began to ramble about how fucking sad it is that countless generations struggled to live to child-bearing age, just to produce me. People lived in fucking caves, chewed off their own rotten limbs without painkillers or antiseptics, ran from wild animals in bare feet, and ate raw meat. They did all of this to produce me. People struggled and endured great amounts of pain to keep my genetic line moving forward. The thing that concerns me is how quickly I would just give in and die if faced with any real adversity. Maybe Id surprise myself, but I doubt it. I have this feeling about myself that Id rather give up than fight. Im ashamed to say it, but its true. My suspicion is that lots of people feel this way. If I were brighter, Id go on to articulate what it is that Im thinking. Since Im not, Im just going to go to bed.

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