dont i know that guy?

That fellow in the Neurotic Black Ulcer photo (see the last post) does seem familiar, doesnt he? Many of you have written in, thinking that perhaps it was an old driving instructor of yours, or maybe the manager of the K-Mart where you first worked as a youngster. I happen to think that he looks quite a bit like my old high school Chemistry teacher, Mr. Tasker. Someone pointed out that he, the fellow with the black ulcer under his eye, may just happen to look like a popular American character actor, someone that weve all seen hundreds of time, either selling breakfast cereal, snatching purses, or just sitting in the background of a police station. Maybe it actually is that guy. Maybe he got his Neurotic Black Ulcer while working with Burt Reynolds on the set of Evening Shade or something. Ive heard from quite a few people that working with Burt can be stressful.

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