dan the panty man

Yesterday, I printed part of a letter I received from a man who lives on an enormous industrial fishing vessel somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Hes one of the two on-board cooks, and he reads this site when its his turn to use the communal computer in the “wheel house”… Heres the part of his note that concerns getting email on the ships computer:

I forgot to tell you that when replying, my name has to go into the subject bar above. Otherwise it can be read by anybody and everybody. It’s okay if you forget that from time to time though because you probably won’t be telling me what kind of underwear you’re wearing…

Since Dan told me that, my minds been going one hundred miles an hour, trying to think of the most inappropriate thing I could say in the subject line of an email, or what I could say in order to guarantee that every man on the ship read the note below the subject line. Most of my ideas involve the word panties, a word that I absolutely hate, but acknowledge as being very powerful. I am tempted to give you all this shared email account address so that you can send messages to the ship, saying nasty things in the subject line, and then mentioning Dan by name in the text. It could be like a contest to see who could get Dan fired.

How about, On fucking the captains wife? Or, Your plan to impregnate the captains daughter?

(Dont worry, Dan. I have no follow-through.)

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