camera phone and new business model

I dont know if Ill go through with it and get that camera phone. Jen just sent me a jpeg that she took with hers. Its pretty good, but I dont know if its worth the money, especially since I already have a pretty good digital camera. I just dont always have it with me, and that bothers me. I keep thinking that one day Im going to see something, like a Bigfoot, and not have anything to capture its image with. (These really are the kinds of things that I stay up at night worrying about.) Heres a sample shot from her camera. It’s a photo of Freeda, the dog that vomited my car last week.

Another reason I may not get the camera phone: Ive learned that to send a photo from the phone, it costs about two dollars. While it would be really cool, I think, to send photos directly to this site through the cell phone, I cant see spending $2 to do it. Being a cheap son-of-a-bitch, Id rather not share than spend that much cash. For some reason, I can flush thousands of dollars down the toilet by pressing records and printing magazines, but I cant see spending $2 to post a photo. It makes no sense. Im sure that the OCD is to blame somehow Maybe I could rig it so that I snap the photo, it gets sent to the website, a little Paypal button pops up, and then it wont show the photo until someone volunteers to cough up the $2 to cover it. (Thats not a fucking bad idea. I think I just invented something. Has anyone else tried that model yet? Should I patent this idea? I wonder if it would work. If youre interested in discussing this, drop me an email.)

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