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I once interviewed a family member of Don Knotts. I was thinking about this person today, wondering what she might have thought of the Threes Company biopic that ran on NBC last week. I wonder what she thought of the way that Don was portrayed. I need to go to the files and find her e-mail address.

While I’m doing that, you should check out the following articles:

The New York Times explores the intersection of blogging and privacy. For some reason, they do this in the fashion section.

Golf balls rain down on O.J., keep him awake at night I ask you, “Hasn’t he suffered enough, America?”

Man articulates my thoughts on the necessity of a camera phone. If the store was open, I’d go and buy one now.

Alcoholism, cocaine abuse, and manic depression, that’s just the part of the Jayson Blair story.

Reality TV swallows man and turns him into Ben Affleck.

Citizen reporters sweep South Korea, and create new journalism model. Meanwhile, here in the US, the FCC is gearing up to allow for even greater consolidation among broadcasters. (I dont know that itll do much good, but you can file your comments with the FCC through

On second thought, maybe we wont give the Iraqis back their country.

Speaking of the US and it’s handling of the situation in Iraq, watch this video if you can. Its a speech delivered by author Arundhati Roy entitled Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy, Buy One Get One Free. Im watching it right now. It perhaps goes a bit further than I would in demonizing the current administration, but its powerful and compelling.

Is there any other website in the world that can start with Don Knotts and end up here? I don’t know how it always happens, but it always turns out this way.

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