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Japanese schoolgirls attack each other with screwdrivers, Im assuming in order to make Japanese businessmen hot. (At least they arent pooping see post from a few days ago) Ive always thought that my life would have been better if Id had a brother. Of course, by brother I didnt mean just a lump of flesh with teeth, hair, and a few shriveled limbs. That, I dont think, would have made my life too much better, especially when changing for gym class Jen is trying to redeem herself for having sent in those pooping Japanese figurine photos. She just sent in this story about Supaporn Dongkhair, the 23 year old winner of Miss Thailand heaviest contest. The contest, were told, is held in order to bring attention to the plight of Thailands elephants Jen also sent this story about an avid outdoorsman who had to hack off his own arm in order to free himself after being pinned by a rolling boulder On a similar note, an anonymous friend recently sent a link to a website where a man with a stump for an arm sells videotapes of himself inserting said stump into the different orifices of young ladies. I wont be posting a link to it though My guess is that they are different men.

I am going to the county courthouse to change my name to Supaporn Maynard now. “Stay out of my way!”

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