a bird in the ass is worth…

In order of appearance… First, a piece of primitive art from the University of Michigan Art Museum collection. We went and saw the Rodin exhibition last weekend, but they don’t allow photos of traveling exhibitions. I shot a bunch of stuff in the other rooms though. This was one of my favorite pieces. Second, a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries that Linette made. They were very good, and I love the photo. I’ve been staring at it for at least five minutes now. Third, my artistic recreation of the tattoo that I saw the other day at the gym, the one that looked as though it was of a raven with it’s head caught in a girl’s ass crack. (I don’t know how to use the scanner, so this image was captured with the camera.)

On the subject of the girl with the unfortunate ass crack tattoo, heres a letter I just received from a person named Kelsey.

Once I saw this girl with a tattoo right on the small of her back that looked for all the world like an elaborately detailed drawing of an asscrack, a mere three inches above her actual crack. I’m sure that the tattoo was of something else entirely, but I still think it’s the coolest tattoo I ever saw.

How fucking brilliant is that? I wonder if she even knows it’s back there. My guess is that she paid for some kind of standard sorority insignia and that the tattoo artist chose to do that instead… Maybe it wasn’t that nefarious though. Maybe the tattoo artist was just hard of hearing. “Sorority class pick,” could, I suppose, sound like “elongate ass crack.”

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