tonights sandwich is on chewy, multi-grain bread

“There will be no booty in Iraq, until there is booty in the museum.” Yes, according to rumors, some Iraqi women are withholding sex until their husbands return pilfered loot. Its like one of those Guns for Toys programs weve tried here in the US. An “Old Vase for Missionary” program… Im not a huge Moby fan, but I think this story is kind of interesting. A blogger, for her birthday, put out the word on-line that she wanted Moby to participate in her art project, and people worked together to make it happen. (For my birthday, I want to see Moby and Eminem act out the roles of Iraq and the U.S. in operation Slapdown.) And this super-sexy-filthy Puma ad further blurs the line between real-life and real-advertising in the already murky waters of corporate brand marketing While all the other liberals are running for cover now that the wars apparently been won, the former conservative, Arianna Huffington, sticks to her guns. In her view, the fact that we won so easily in Iraq only proves what a sham the who thing was in the first place, the whole argument that we were in eminent danger of Saddam, his crack troops and his weapons of mass destruction. And, she thinks, the worst is yet to come

I was going to stop listing news items here, but Ive heard from a lot of you that is your only source for news. As sad as that is, in a way it makes my heart warm, sad yet warm. I have decided, for that reason, to keep on pushing myself to deliver timely evening updates on the things I see going on around us.

On that subject, here’s one of the letters I received today:

God bless your little ears so you may hear the beauty of the world. God bless your little eyes so you may see it too. God bless your little mouth so you may speak his word. God bless you so you may be just you.

Your words lift me up like the wings of angels and make me stronger.

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