the weight of poop

Does anyone else ever wonder how much their waste weighs? Wouldnt you be curious to know that? Im thinking that there might be a place in the world for a toilet with a built in scale that could adjust for the fact that waters involved. Would that be worth patenting? I know that the Japanese market would love it In the future, toilets will do all kinds of wonderful things. Theyll be like little laboratories, constantly monitoring your excretions, checking for disease, making dietary recommendations. They will also be entertainment centers. All of this will happen shortly, unless the world descends into anarchy, in which case well be shitting outside again.

I should call todays post the poop post.

I have another toilet related story to share with you.

I had a dream last night that I was hosting my own TV show. Im not clear on a lot of the details, but I do recall following Jack Nicholson into a public restroom, waiting until he entered a stall, and then setting up a video camera. As best as I can figure, it was kind of an ambush journalism show that was set in LA restrooms. I remember saying, Mr. Nicholson, may I talk with you while youre in there? I was polite about it, and I didnt hold the camera over the wall or anything. The scene was just of me interviewing a metal stall door with Jack Nicholsons voice.

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