the most recent local murder-suicide

Theres a weird murder case here involving a computer science student at the University of Michigan who was, unbeknownst to her family, a topless dancer at a place up the road. She apparently met an older man while doing lap-dances there. They dated for a while He killed her at a Days Inn the other day and then took his own life next to his Jeep Liberty. The weird part is, according to a note that he left with his brother, he killed her because she had, a year or so ago, killed his daughter, a retarded 17 year old. She was, according to this note, drunk and playing with a pistol in his home. Instead of going to the cops at that point, he says, they buried the girl in the fruit cellar of the house The cops just exhumed the daughters body today and found that theyd buried her with her dolls and TV set.

The place that she danced is a mile or two away from where I’m sitting right now. Its called Leggs. Linette and I drive past it all the time. It looks like something created directly from the imagination of David Lynch. It has this palpable Twin Peaks quality, at least on the outside. To my knowledge, neither Linette or I has ever been inside. (Actually, it just occurs to me that this whole story harkens back to Twin Peaks; the murdered young woman, the fact that shes working in the sex industry in spite of her upbringing and honor student status, etc… Its creepy, and some day Im sure well see a made for TV movie about it… At least they won’t have died in vain. At least their sad story will bring entertainment to millions.)

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