the gristle and bone layer

Thomas Friedman, one of our favorite columnists here at, just had another op-ed in the NY Times. This one, like his Discovery Channel special of a week or so ago, focuses on the legacy of colonialism and humiliation in Arab countries And, believe it or not, theres a new suspect in the Black Dahlia murder case of 1947. And its not Orson Welles

Sitting here, typing this, I just had a little daydream. I just imagined, for a split second, that my sister was married to Dennis Miller. I think it must be near my bedtime.

Someone has compiled lots of great quotes from the Iraqi Information Minister at this site. If you liked, “I triple guarantee you, there are no American soldiers in Baghdad,” youll really love, They are nowhere near the airport…they are lost in the desert…they can not read a compass…they are retarded.” I guarantee youll find one that you like.

Ive heard from a few of my sources today that the ties between Russia and Iraq are becoming more and more clear. According to some, theres even evidence that Russia was supplying not only arms, but introductions to people who could serve as assassins in the West.

Three years ago today, the stock market began its big nosedive. A few years before that bubble burst, on the same day, one of our finest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, was brought down by an assassins bullet. You can see the New York Times article that ran after his death here

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