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Paul Krugman makes an interesting suggestion: Dont go forward with Bushs proposed tax cut, but instead reinstate something like the WPA, creating jobs for the unemployed in such areas as port security. It would certainly create more jobs than the Bush plan Its sacrilege, but I like the idea. If you had to make the Beatles Double White album one record, what would you keep and what would you cut? And, when youre done with that, the New York Times has a good piece on the spam explosion And Wired has an article on blogs that continue after their bloggers die. I dont want to think about it And the folks at Slate discuss the New York Times article I linked to a few days ago, the one that stated that the US had an Iraqi scientist who could confirm Saddams possession of weapons of mass destruction, a tie between Saddam and Osama, and the shipment of weapons of mass destruction to from Iraq to Syria. The focus of the article is, what did the New York Times reporter mean when she said that in order to get the story she had to submit to government guidelines, like not meeting the scientist, and clearing the final version of the story with government agents? Slate asks, what does this mean for the future of journalism?… In related news, the Washington Post focuses on the fact that the Bush Whitehouse doesnt like sharing information with the people of America…

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    I will have to read these items.

    Did Bush’s plan create 1.4 million jobs?

    We will never know.

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