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Fortean scholar and world-class ventriloquist, Douglas Skinner, just came through with another top-notch resource for those of you out there who arent satisfied with the reports filed by embedded American journalists.

The site, an English language page maintained by Russian journalists, contains things like translations of Russian intelligence reports concerning whats going on in Iraq right now. Some it is it pretty interesting. Here, for instance, is something that I hadnt heard until now. It might be true, it might not. Whos to say? How can anyone know what to believe these days.

During the past seven days of the war the US Navy detained all ships in the Persian Gulf going to Iraq under the US “Oil for Food” program. Since yesterday all these ships are being unloaded in Kuwait. Unloaded food is being delivered by the US military to Iraq and is being distributed as “American humanitarian aid” and as a part of the “rebuilding Iraq” program. These US actions have already cause a serious scandal in the UN. The US explained its actions by its unilateral decision to freeze all Iraqi financial assets, including the Iraqi financial assets with the UN. These assets the US now considers its property and will exercise full control over them. Captains of the detained ships have already called these actions by the US a “piracy.”

The internet, I have just decided, is a good thing. It is good to have an alternative to US television and the likes of FOX News and Clear Channel radio stations.

also in the news
An Iraqi general apparently said today that he has 4,000 volunteers from 23 Arab countries, men that are ready to glorify Allah by turning themselves into human heat-seeking suicide missiles. While this was happening, our government was busy defending their apparently over optimistic war plans, saying things are going according to schedule even though there havent been mass surrenders, people cheering them in the streets, etc. Now, our troops are waiting outside of Baghdad for reinforcements to fly in. Hopefully, the 4,000 suicide bombers dont make their way to them first Of course, some of this probably could have been averted had we been able to make the case to Turkey that they should participate as part of the broad coalition.

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