on one mans one nightstand

These are a few of the things Ill be reading about tonight: An artist is offering to trade a car for Bushs balls My friend Jen added a blog feature on her Lesbian health and entertainment site yesterday. I need to read her report from the recent Gay Shame conference in Ann Arbor. I promise you that this will be the only time that I ever link to a page with the phrase, I seemed to experience a multitude of Gay Emotions. (Shes standing behind me right now saying that shes experiencing Gay Hate for me) An Iraqi religious leader suggests that the civilians who died after speeding through a US checkpoint yesterday may have been set up by Saddams men My friend Laura made our friendship official by creating a special website for me French ads feature famous journalists posing as dead Our interview on the Surgery of Modern Warfare site moved to its permanent home Syria has gone from dangling its big toe in the water to dipping in its whole foot Dan Gillmor writes about the USs war on liberty Nude volleyball game modification angers game authors Business Week profiles five emerging technology gurusWalter Cronkite on Peter Arnetts dismissal from NBC after going on state-owned Iraqi TV Two Iraqi soldiers defy orders to turn themselves into bombs and surrender The dullest blog in the world isnt dull at all Pravda runs another story on Saddams space alien guests And MIT Technology Review delves into shock and awe

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