my unpatriotic friend, laura

My friend Laura owns a couple of video rental places in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I just got the following note from her. I thought that you might all find it of interest. Its a transcription of a note that her video store received this morning from someone who was upset by the peace sign in her window.

Liberty St. Video (no more war),

That will be over when Saddam Hussien and his thugs are destroyed and the people of Iraq will be set free, which will happen, no matter what you anti Americans think. you clowns don’t have the guts to put in your window, a sign denouncing Hussien and his thugs do you?

Do you have a picture of him on your walls? I have no use for Non Americans, I counted four stores downtown with a sign that’s out 35 stores, not a good percentage, 73% of Americans are right and you are in a small minority, 90% of Ann Arbor is in favor of the war, it is the right and just thing to do.

Mr. Bush and his planners have an outstanding plan to rid Iraq of your buddy, God Bless America! And our troops and our president! and Fuck you all!

I love how you cant be for peace without being a buddy of Saddam Hussein or is that Saddam Hussien?

Im tired of this war. When is Sweeps Week going to be over.

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