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Last night, I posted a few photos that Id taken over the past few days of things that Ive received in the mail lately. One, I believe, was a threat. The rest were, I think, gifts.

Here is a brief rundown of what the photos were of.

1. The top photo was of a truly terrible thing. It was sent in by a reader of Crimewave named Chris Danguilan. As best as I can tell, it is a tiny man made of marzipan with a small coin held between his sweet, candy butt cheeks. Chris called it a money maker in his note. He said it was a belated wedding gift for Linette and me. Linette, who inspected it more closely than I did, said that was, in addition to everything else, certified kosher.

2. The second photo depicts a black plastic ape with a bunch of bananas. It was sent in by my sister in all things obsessive compulsive, Chelsea Lowe.

3. Chelsea also sent in the third item, small pink fish. I think that this fish is made of soap, but I have not yet tried to work it into a lather. It smells nice.

4. Sue Wegmann, my old high school friend who is now living in Athens, Georgia, sent this in. Its a copy of the free Athens local weekly, Flagpole. This issue happens to be the one with my interview of the band Pylon in it. Sue just happened to be reading it and noticed my name.

5. This is another one by Chelsea Lowe. Its Ambrose Bierces Devils Dictionary. (Actually, Ive only included three images from the Chelsea Lowe Collection, but there were many more. There were lots of good articles, interviews, found objects, scraps of paper, etc in her last package. Too many to go into here though All great. All very much appreciated.)

6. This one was sent in from New York. Its the one that I said was more of a threat than a gift. It says, if you cant read it from where youre sitting in the class, We have your band. We are marketing them as collectible pogs. You can do nothing to stop us. Accompanying the note were tiny, little cutout images depicting the heads of me and the other four band members of the Monkey Power Trio When I saw this, I shit ice water. I was terrified. I felt like Charles Lindberg.

So, whats the lesson in all of this? Send gifts. I like gifts. Im not a cam whore. I dont post my Amazon wish list and expect you to buy me things. But, I do like to get letters and little things of interest from time to time. I, like my friend Kari, who I mentioned in this blog a few months ago, am like a crow. I like little shiny, interesting, little things with which to decorate my nest.

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