its off to bed with me

Can I go to bed now? Im really tired and the show Im watching, The Worlds Greatest Hoaxes Revealed, is almost over. It was a good show. They interviewed people who worked on the infamous alien autopsy films and also a guy who claimed to know the man wearing the Bigfoot outfit in the famous film by Roger Patterson At least I know that the monsterous colossal squid exists. I still have that to cling to, even though everything else I ever believed in has turned out to be shit.

Last night, Linette made a sauerkraut and sausage soup. It looked vile. I wouldnt eat it. She called Jen to come over and eat it with her. I dont know if she told Jen, but it was some kind of bargain sausage that she picked up somewhere. She said it was pork, beef and turkey sausage As if sausage wasnt composed of enough individual animals already, they had to also incorporate different species.

I really am tired.

I plan to take photos this weekend for the blog.

Oh, I dont think I told you yet, but the dead squirrel is out of the tree now.


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