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Sorry ladies, I presently have no plans to participate in the Penis Blog project. Although I am, as a male blogger who still has his penis (my musing somewhat longingly yesterday on the subject of penectomies did not lead to any action being taken), I am eligible to join this prestigious group, I dont feel worthy of the honor. Not just yet anyway. I havent even been blogging for a year. Who am I to put my penis along those of these great men? Speaking of penectomies and other body modifications, I received a letter just now from my friend Jim, the professor of Religion. He wanted to share two things. The first was an Onion piece on a book by the name of Norahs New Nose. Its a childrens book on the joys of plastic surgery. (I actually had the idea years ago for a childrens book on the subject of breast enlargements, but didnt do much with it. I envisioned it as a tool that mothers could use to introduce their children to their new, larger selves. I remember there was a chapter called, Sometimes mommies dont like their bodies. There was also a book in this series, as I recall, on how to tell your child that youre a nude dancer. I should have followed though with the idea.) The second thing Jim wanted for us to know about was todays op-ed piece in the Times by Maureen Dowd. It deals with, among other things, the possibility that Saddam has undergone radical plastic surgery. (My favorite part of the article is when she mentions that we, the U.S., were able to effectively guard the Iraqi oil fields, but not their museum.)

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