dropping the ball

Im tired. I really need to sleep. I was out late last night. Linette and I drove into Detroit and saw Chan. The good folks at Matador Records were nice enough to get us into the packed Cat Power show. It was weird. Her crowd has changed over the years, and grown. Were we used to see her play for groups of a dozen or so, now shes playing for hundreds. Im happy for her. She deserves the success. I didnt so much like her fans though. There was a fraternal element that struck me as being a bit odd. There was lots of hooting and yelling from the crowd I wonder how she likes that At any rate, we didnt try to talk with her or anything. It was too crazy for that. We drank our beers, watched the show and headed home We might try to interview her over the phone for the next issue of Crimewave though.

It wasnt our favorite show off all times, but it was sure as hell better than a bug in the eye.

Id been looking for a way to work that in.

So, Im tired. I was going to try to get into bed by 10:00 tonight, and here is almost midnight again.

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