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I want to limit what it is that we talk about here at from now on. From now on, I want to make this site a forum for the discussion of penis-slicing, ball-shaving and giant bird species. Ive done a little bit of research and Im fairly certain that this would be the only English language on-line forum for penis-slicing, ball-shaving and the discovery of giant bird species. I did find one site, a German site that delved into castration, hand removal and the giant squid, but that was as close as I came to finding a direct competitor. I really think that I could get in on the ground floor and corner this market.

Speaking of giant birds, heres something new from a reader named Dave Morris:

I had heard a story a few months back about a large bird spotted in Alaska. Heres a link to the article.

On a related topic- I was reading about the Demilitarized Zone in Korea the other day and they mentioned at the end of the article that the no mans land of the zone has become a refuge for a number of rare and endangered animals. Apparently, some animals are snobs and would prefer to keep their distance from us. The nerve.

I like the idea that wars, at least cold wars like the one between North and South Korea, could have a silver lining. I like the idea that, at this very moment, a species of giant birds could be hatching in the Demilitarized Zone, birds that could one day gobble all of us pathetic humans up.

Speaking of the Korean situation and pessimism concerning the future of mankind, in what might not be the most positive turn of events, the North Koreans say that they not only already have nuclear capability, but that they would consider exporting it to other nations. This, Im thinking, is probably not what we expected to hear when we sat down with them to discuss their calling an end to their nuclear development program. Lets hope that theyre bluffing though, in order to either extort more in the way of aid from America, or in order not to have us carry out preemptive attacks on their nuclear facilities.

Fortunately, its not all bad news in the paper today. Apparently, the US is ramping up its own production of nuclear weapons. I dont think that were referring to them as weapons of mass destruction though, or even nuclear weapons. Maybe were calling them something like Eternal Peace Bringers or Scrubbing Bubbles.

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