seven things i either just read or am in the process of reading

1. After two days without internet access, the man who calls himself Salam Pax is back to his blogging from Baghdad. Among other things, he writes of getting spammed by the US government, telling him, and everyone else with an Iraqi IP address, to tune in information radio.

2. As shocking as this might sound, a human shield recanted today.

3. Even less shocking, Ralph Nader called our President, Lil George Bush, a dictator. (editorial: For what its worth, the opinion of Ralph Nader means a hell of a lot more to me than the opinion of Michael Moore.)

4. The New York Times today is running a story on the man they call the
the philosopher of Islamic terror, one of Bin Ladens (remember him?) biggest influences.

5. A new book on teen branding is out… While I’m not really much of one for sports, teen branding does sound like a lot of fun.

6. And some municipalities are moving forward with systems to capturing and use landfill gas and waste heat for power.

7. Lastly, an evil man has created a system that allows him to beam audio directly into peoples heads from great distances. (My bandmate, Dave Miller, has already contacted me and let me know that as soon as he gets his hands on this tool, he’ll be on a non-stop from Portland to Michigan. He believes that this is the weapon that he’s been waiting for, the thing that will finally crack me… Nothing would make Dave happier than to see me institutionalized. It would put him in control of one of hte world’s greatest assets, the Monkey Power Trio band.)

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