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dick cheney reminder
Dick Cheney promised us a fast war, but, then again, hes usually not right about these things. Who hear remembers his Energy Task Force, the group composed of energy corporation insiders who met behind closed doors and ultimately issued their findings as to why things had gone so terribly wrong in California a few years ago? In case you don’t remember, here’s a clip from a recent NYT column by Paul Krugman:

In spring 2001 the lights were going out all over California. There were blackouts and brownouts, and the price of electricity was soaring. The Cheney task force was convened in the midst of that crisis. It concluded, in brief, that the energy crisis was a long-term problem caused by meddling bureaucrats and pesky environmentalists, who weren’t letting big companies do what needed to be done. The solution? Scrap environmental rules, and give the energy industry multibillion-dollar subsidies.

So, it wasnt manipulation by corporations like Enron that caused the rolling brownouts in California, it was those fucking environmental whackos. Makes sense to me.

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