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I have an idea for something that Id like to do, but I dont have the talent to do it. Linette does, but I cant ask her. She wouldnt like the idea. Plus, shes busy doing web design stuff with her paying clients I want to create a web page where I can take up a collection so that I can afford to have a safe room built in our basement. Im picturing a page where I make the case that my life is worth saving, with a big thermometer off to the side that slowly fills up with the contributions of folks like you.

The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. Im picturing a photo of Linette and me with a caption that says, With your help, we can survive the coming holocaust, or Please let us live. I could have a paragraph about the fact that Im an Eagle Scout and I could mention all of the volunteer time I put in at the D.C. soup kitchen. I think I could also make the case that Im the kind of good-hearted, hard-working man that well need when it comes time to rebuild the smoldering, post-holy war earth.

Im going to call for a quote tomorrow to see how much it would cost for us to get a safe room with all the amenities. According to a manufacturers site, we can get:

* Nuclear , Biological & Chemical Attack Filtration Units
* Automatic/Manual Fire Suppression Systems
* Cell/Satellite Phone Systems
* Emergency Oxygen Kits
* Emergency Lighting
* Folding Personnel Seat
* Ballistic/Forced Entry/Fire-Proof Windows
* Emergency Rations
* Defensive Gun Ports
* Video Monitoring & Surveillance
* Temperature & Humidity Control
* Emergency Power Generation

Im confident that the people of the world would want for me to have all of these things.

And I am serious about this.

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