operation pull my finger

We apparently tried what theyre calling a Decapitation Attack last night. From what I understand, we weren’t planning to attack Iraq last night, but then an opportunity to get Saddam arose. According to the prevalent theory, we thought that we might, if we acted swiftly, be able to “cut the head off the snake.”

The Scottish Daily Record suggested today that this decapitation attack came as the result of a clever trick we played on the Iraqis. According to the article, it all started with the US faking a news story yesterday, claiming that Iraqi deputy premier, Tariq Aziz, had defected. (That story was going around.) Having heard the rumor, Saddam was forced to have Aziz appear at a news conference. According to this article, the CIA could have then tracked Aziz, after his TV appearance, back to Saddam If that were the case, that would explain why the US had cause to change plans on the fly and attack last night.

No one knows right now whether or not Saddam is alive or dead. Someone who appeared to be Saddam addressed the Iraqi people shortly after some 30 cruise missiles (at a cost of $1 million a piece) hit their target, the place where we had hoped to find Saddam and his advisors. It is thought, however, that this Saddam may not in fact be the real Saddam, but just one of the men who underwent plastic surgery to look like the leader of Iraq.

(I can’t believe how weird things in this world have gotten. Two years ago the country spent weeks trying to figure out just who we had elected President. Then, shortly afterward, the events of 9/11 happened. Now, our country is attempting to track down an evil dictator who has forced a number of his subjects to have their faces surgically altered to look like his… It just becomes more and more surreal with each passing day.)

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