love triangle

The small standing man is in love with the man who is looking for his contact lens, but all that he can think about is the crying, rolling man. Such is the way with love.

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  1. addyman
    Posted April 9, 2010 at 11:32 pm | Permalink

    thats about the way mine is except one is supposedly in love with both of us and im in love with him and the other guy is in love with him but the other guy who i set him up with is a douchebag and he isnt being treated right i feel even though i wasnt in person first i was first between the two of us but noone else sees this this way and now that im here i feel he should dump the douche and be with me though being the dumbass i am i could never express this to him so until he comes to his senses and is with who he needs to be i guess ill be waiting here on the sidelines screaming and thrashing on the ground in my head for my one true love to come back to me *wishing upon a star* oh god i wish things were simpler and i didnt ever introduce them why didnt i just wait??????

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