linettes out drinking

Im home alone. Linette, Im pretty sure, is still out at the bar drinking with our friend Laura. I was invited to drop in and join them after work, but I decided to go to the gym instead. Usually, when faced with that decision, I choose the bar. Today, I chose to go to the gym. Im too stressed lately. I needed to run around the track with the other sad, fat people… Between work, the war and everything else, I feel like Im falling apart. I decided that the best thing for me to do would be to introduce excruciating physical pain.

Well, thats what I did. And now I am sitting here on the couch with what feels like a broken spine, and I think its working. At this moment, there is no stress, only unbearable pain… I can drink for that though.

So, if youre trying to imagine me at this moment, and I know quite a few of you are, think of an enormous crying pretzel suckling on a Bass Ale.

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