holy gefilte fish

Two Hasidic Jews in New York heard a carp (soon to be made into gefilte fish) shouting about the coming end of the world in Hebrew.

The theory is that an old Jewish man turned into a fish, like Mr. Limpet.

The article says that the two men eventually killed and sold the fish in question, which I find a little odd. I imagine that if I was ever holding a fish that was spouting religious doctrine, that I probably wouldnt be so bold as to use a cleaver to sever its head.

At any rate, somewhere in New York, a person is eating that fish right this minute.

It would be worse, I suppose if the fist was offering up a solution of some kind when they killed it. From what I can tell, however, this fish was just yelling at the men, telling them to pray and to be ready for the end of the world.

Nag, nag, nag.

You know this has to be some new kind of Homeland Security pilot project that theyre testing out in New York Having fish yell Middle Eastern people.

Somewhere, Osama is about to bite into the Fillet-O-Fish that will put him back on the right track.

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