and heres a leftover debris sandwich

Its cold, but edible. I hope that you enjoy it: Jon Stewart makes a damn funny crack on the awarding of government contracts to Dick Cheneys old company, Halliburton. (I got this from BoingBoing) Dave writes in to let everyone know that our government has apparently just legislated mandatory prayer, finally bringing an end to that onerous separation of church and state thing thats been holding our country back for centuries The New York Times had a good piece last week about online privacy and what tools we have at our disposal to increase it. You should read it If youre interested in privacy issues, you might also want to check out the materials they have available at A former Iraqi scientist talks of hiding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq over 20 years ago Apparently, it just came out that our President announced, “Fuck Saddam. We’re taking him out,” over a year ago, in a meeting attended by Condi Rice and three senators. I guess that diplomacy never was a consideration You can now visit Ashcroft online

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