a letter from douglas skinner

I like my letters from Doug. Lately, hes been feeding my paranoia about the upcoming war and the possibility that our administration is making its decisions based upon interpretations of biblical prophecy. Heres his latest note.

Mark — What clever PR lad came up with the name “Nightstalkers” for the new FBI surveillance aircraft? Is that supposed to make us feel more patriotic?

Now that you’re worried about the Pentagon using the Bible to make policy decisions, read “Revelations” and remember that Babylon is in Iraq. It’s right down the road from Baghdad, and Hussein is trying to rebuild it.

I have a new bit on my translation up at nthposition.com. I don’t know if you’ll like this site. I like it.

I need to stay up late tonight and read up on biblical prophecy as it may relate to this conflict in Iraq. I dont put much stock in such things, but I fear that they could become self-fulfilling to some extent, as we have a born-again president who may see things in such terms.

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