telecommute for national security

What if we as a nation ramp up our telecommuting in order to cut down on our use of foreign oil? Think about it. If we cut down to four days a week in the office, for those of us that have office jobs that don’t really require us to be there, we could significantly cut down on not only highway congestion and pollution, but on the importation of foreign oil. This would be a great opportunity to also push the use of high-speed next-generation internet applications, digital video conferencing and other emerging technologies to use these developing tools to cut our dependence on petroleum products. It may mean a bit of infrastructure investing in terms of broadband dispersion and such but it would be worth it in the long run. It needs to be done anyway. I haven’t heard any politicians talking about this. Perhaps I should organize something… like the Bill for the Four Day Fuck the Middle-East, I’m a Patriot, Work Week. (I figure if I stick the word Patriot in, it has a better chance of passing.)

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