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I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but life without Tivo just isn’t worth living.

No, I’m not going to take my life… I know that a new Tivo unit is in the mail to us. I just need to be patient.

Having Tivo is like what I always dreamed that having a friend would be like.

As best I can recall, it started out like a normal guestbook. People would read Jeff Kay’s site and then maybe one in a hundred or so would stop by the guest book to leave a note saying something like, “You’re really funny, man.” Within days though, the thing evolved into something surreal and sickly twisted. It took on a life of its own and characters began to creep out of the woodwork. Some I’m sure aren’t real people, but characters, dreamed up by Jeff and his readers. Others, I’m afraid to say, must be real. And the line between the two, like a chalk line around a long dead body, becomes less recognizable by the day.

In evidence of this, here are two random listings from today’s postings:

I usually wipe my ass south-to-north but last night I thought I’d try it north-to-south. I had to change my clothes and replace the shower curtain.

I have a vigorous whack-off session scheduled for tonight at 8:50, and I may bring back two of my favorite characters: Greta the high school girl and her mother out shopping for bras and panties! Wish me luck.

Make of that what you will. And, if you’re ever feeling a little unlike yourself, stop by and join Jeff and me and the rest of the gang at the guest book .

printing out lightbulbs
Unlike most New Scientist articles, I didn’t learn about this one from Dave Miller. I read about it on BoingBoing . According to the article, we’re coming closer to having 3D fabricators in the home thanks to recent advances in layered semiconducting polymers.

If this comes to pass, there may be a day when we each have a 3D printer in the home that could churn out everything from light bulbs to small computer devices.

To read the article just click here.

You have no idea how happy it makes me to follow up a piece concerning a “vigorous whack-off session” with something about space-age polymers and the future of 3D printing. That, in a nutshell, is what this site is all about. That is essentially my mission statement.

getting it for free in ypsi
I’m going to download a free copy of Cory Doctorow’s new book, “Down and Our in the Magic Kingdom.” If I like it, I’ll buy a copy. I really will… I think the dissemination of it is great; giving it away and selling it at the same time. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. My guess is he’ll sell a hell of a lot more than if he just came out and sold it through traditional channels from the outset.

I didn’t mention it, but for those of you who don’t know who he is, Cory Doctorow is the fellow behind BoingBoing.

You can download, or straight-out buy, the book at As I don’t have time to get into it here, you can also find out about the book there. It sounds cool though. It sounds to me like the kind of book that would be written by the man who filters through all of the stuff at BoingBoing every day.

callin’ in like he sees it
Paul Krugman lays it all out there in this New York Times op-ed piece. Talk about hitting the nail on the fucking head… Here’s a clip:

Here’s how it works. Faced with a real problem — terrorism, the economy, nukes in North Korea — the Bush administration’s response has nothing to do with solving that problem. Instead it exploits the issue to advance its political agenda.


And instead of helping the needy, the Bush plan is almost ludicrously tilted toward the very, very well off. If you have stocks in a 401(k), your dividends are already tax-sheltered; this proposal gives big breaks only to people who have lots of stock outside their retirement accounts.


But the man in charge — that is, Karl Rove — is clearly betting that the economy will recover on its own, and intends to use the pretense of stimulus mainly as an opportunity to get more tax cuts for the rich.

Ideology aside, will these guys ever decide that their job includes solving problems, not just using them?


let’s keep the assault going
Not one to rest, Arianna Huffington is out again today, hitting Democrats and Republicans alike right up aside the head with the facts about SUVs. In an article printed today, she calls into question the recent announcements by the big three auto makers that they would have significant numbers of hybrid vehicles on the road by 2007.

From my perspective, this article is a “must read.” Here are a few clips, just in case I haven’t convinced you.

Responding to the growing public outcry over its reckless gas-guzzling ways, the auto industry used the Detroit Auto Show this week to unveil a line-up of “coming soon to a showroom near you” hybrid vehicles — including a number of hybrid SUVs…

It’s one thing to make a big show of rolling out glittering “concept models” intended for future production — or to promise, as GM did, to have a million hybrid vehicles for sale by 2007 “if demand is high” — and quite another to commit the marketing resources necessary to create the high demand. Time will tell if the industry has really fallen in love with this new/old kid on the block or if the industry’s embrace of hybrid technology is just a one night stand, a here-today-gone-tomorrow defensive gambit for the PR cameras…

For a good indication of Detroit’s real plans, we need look no further than this week’s L.A. Auto Show. (Yes, I’m a regular on the auto show circuit.) There were as many hybrid cars on display as there were rickshaws. And in full page newspaper ads headlined “What’s Up At GM?” the auto giant bragged about having “once again shattered the record for SUV sales, topping the million mark for the second consecutive year — propelled by breakout vehicles like the one-of-a-kind Hummer H2.”

Am I alone on this, or does it seem as though this administration, and perhaps every administration before it (Republican and Democratic alike), does not have the long-term interests of the American people in mind. How else can you explain our present energy policy and the fact that we’ve allowed these rolling dinosaurs (SUVs) to take over our streets in spite of the political climate, the environmental effects, etc. It’s absolutely unconscionable that we’ve allowed this to happen. We need to elect folks for a change who can stand up to big business and special interests. I know that may sound na

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