the truth about iraq… and the cow-sized scorpions

I wasn’t going to blog tonight. I really wasn’t. Tivo has three episodes of Columbo saved for me and Linette’s upstairs in bed with a cold, unable to veto even one of them…. I took a moment to check my e-mail though, and got something from Dave, my friend in Oregon. He was forwarding an English translation of a story that appeared in today’s edition of the Russian newspaper of record, Pravda. It’s a story about a UFO crashing in Iraq. Apparently, there are stories circulating, crazy stories about the US wanting to invade before Saddam has the opportunity to reverse-engineer the technology… Here’s a clip from the story:

Mohammed Hajj al-Amdar said on the basis of strange stories coming out of that valley: “Saddam gave the aliens sanctuary, so that they couldn’t be captured by Americans. Nobody can reach the citadel Qalaat-e-Julundi at night. They say that the aliens created “watchdogs” for Saddam. The aliens took ordinary desert scorpions and used their bio-engineering to grow the scorpions to giant size. Scorpions of a cow-size! They are wonderful watchdogs: they blend in with the desert, swiftly and silently move on their warm-blooded prey for a decisive attack. Luckless intruders hear just some strange sound from behind stones, then a pincer crushes their necks, another pincer crushes their legs; then the victims is slammed to the ground and beaten with a barbed tail six or seven times. Death comes almost immediately.”

For the whole story, the story that our American media isn’t giving us, follow this link.

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