the good, it outweighs the bad

I’m still bothered by last night’s post. I hate when things go wrong and I can’t fix them. It’s got something to do with my OCD. I enjoy order. It’s actually not so much that I enjoy it as that I have to have it. Disorder makes me uneasy.

As it is, this site bothers me. Little things make me anxious. I don’t like that the photos that I post are left-justified. I like things to be symmetrical. I like things to make sense. You may or may not think that my little posts make sense, but they make sense to me. Each idea has a heading. Each idea is separated by two lines from the following idea.

What happened last night put me into a tail spin. I felt so anxious that I could have easily begun picking my face apart (if you had been able to read yesterday’s post, you would know what I meant by that).

Well, today is a new day.

And I feel like I need to change things here at I’m not quite sure what that means, but I feel change in the air. Consider yourself warned.

I went on-line today, did a quick search on the new issue of Crimewave, and found a bad review. I’m tempted to link to it. That would appeal my self-loathing side I suppose.

The guy had some legitimate points though. Here’s a little clip that mentions this site:

In an interesting twist, Mark himself writes that the line between Crimewave and his new blog at is dangerously blurred. Can the two really co-exist if both media offer the same story? Even though Crimewave is essentially an ancestor to the current blog craze, Mark and Linnette may be killing their magazine while capitalizing on this newest craze.

Yeah, I’m really “cashing in.” Did you see that my Conehead doll sold for one cent?!

And here, because I hate myself, is a link to the article.

I’m not going to let it get me down though. The mailbag had some good stuff today too, like this letter from legendary rock and roll star, artist, and brother of our friend Jad, David Fair (of the band Half Japanese).

Crimewave is the ruler of all other magazine. I can’t believe there’s not a big fat Crimewave balloon in the Thanksgiving parade. I hope Ford comes out with a new model car this year called the Ford Crimewave. And maybe Birdseye will come up with a frozen Crimewave dinner I could heat up in the microwave… If scientists discover a new planet I hope they name it Crimeiuswaveiusmagazineius.

I think that trumps a mildly-unflattering review (it wasn’t really all that bad) in a free weekly paper from Richmond, Virginia called “Punchline” any day.

Linette is calling me into the other room to watch TV with her, so the rest of this stuff will have to wait for tomorrow.

Goodnight my children.

PS This is a good documentary film about David Fair and his brother Jad in which they are repeatedly referred to as geniuses (who, you would assume, would know a good magazine from a bad magazine one). If you know of any good documentary films made about the writing staff of “Punchline” magazine, please let me know.

(OK, I can go watch TV now. I feel a little better.)

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