superpuppy, not yet

Linette and I bought a book a few years ago, in anticipation of getting a dog one day. It’s called “SuperPuppy,” and it was written by children’s book author Daniel Pinkwater and his wife, Jill. (Those of you who read Crimewave USA may remember that we interviewed Daniel in issue #6.)

Apparently, when he’s not writing the best young adult books on the market, Daniel Pinkwater and his wife are training dogs in New York state. Anyway, we were surprised when we stumbled across “SuperPuppy” at a used book store and we snapped it up, hoping to one day have a puppy capable of being made super.

So, getting Freeda the other day sent us to the shelves looking for it.

Well, we found it, read it, learned from it, began to put its lessons into practice… then this happened.

That’s ironic, right?

We left the room for two minutes and we heard what sounded like a wood chipper running full-blast in our living room. Freeda had attempted to destroy it.

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